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Just How Dangerous Are The Earwigs Around My San…

an earwig on a leaf in a house plant

Have you ever heard the stories about earwigs crawling into peoples’ ears and then laying eggs in their brains? Well, those stories are just stories. However, just because they may not make their… Read More

The Best Advice You Could Hear About Scorpions In San…

If you’ve lived in San Antonio long enough, you know how normal it is to have scorpions around your property. These creepy pests are very common but make no mistake, some scorpion species can be… Read More

Answering Dallas's Most Commonly Asked Flea Questions

Fleas are some of the most common pests in Dallas, TX, but it can take weeks before homeowners realize they have a flea problem. Many people don’t understand how fleas work or whether these pests… Read More

What You Should Know About Mud Daubers In Dallas

a mud dauber wasp on a flower leaf

Dallas residents experience different wasp populations throughout the year, but a lesser-known wasp species is the mud dauber. Many Dallas homeowners haven’t heard of mud daubers, so when they see a… Read More

What Fort Worth Property Owners Ought To Know About…

a german cockroach in a kitchen

German cockroaches are a nightmare for property owners in Dallas/Fort Worth. These pests have a reputation for spreading diseases and stressing homeowners out. But, do you know what kinds of diseases… Read More

Fort Worth's Complete Guide To Mosquito Prevention

a mossquito speading dieases through its bite

There are very few reasons to dislike Summer in Fort Worth, but if you have to choose a reason, maybe you’ll pick mosquitoes. Texas residents know all too well how obnoxious these pests are, with… Read More

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