view of the front of a home in dallas texas

A Step-By-Step Guide To Keeping Rodents Out Of Your…

a roof rat in an attic

To prevent rodents, you must first understand what they are and why they want to invade your home. The first thing you should know is the three species of rodents that commonly infest homes in the… Read More

Houston's Ultimate Guide To Spotting Termite Damage

a termite crawling on damaged wood

A single fully mature colony of termites can consume a 2x4 worth of wood in about six months. Although this isn't a severe amount of damage, what can cause the most damage to homes is the fact that… Read More

How Dangerous Are Mud Daubers In San Antonio?

a mud dauber wasp on a leaf

There are many species of stinging insects in and around the San Antonio area. Whether it is wasps, hornets, mud daubers, or bees, how do you know which stinging insects to worry about? In this guide… Read More

What To Do If You See Carpenter Ants About Your San…

a carpenter ant crawling outside of a home in san antonio texas

If you see an ant, how do you know whether or not that ant is a problem? One ant in your kitchen might not seem bad, but does it mean there are hundreds more hiding behind the walls, and can they be… Read More

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Centipedes Around Your Fort…

a centipede eating an insect in a home

The most common centipede you’ll find in your home is the house centipede, which has only fifteen pairs of legs and is light yellow or brown with long legs. It can be quite an intimidating pest to… Read More

The Trick To Keeping Crickets Out Of Your San Antonio…

a cricket inside a home

Crickets are best identified by their beautiful chirping sounds, created by rhythmically rubbing their back legs together. Only the males are capable of ‘singing’ in an effort to woo a female… Read More

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