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Four Easy Tricks To Keep Centipedes Away From Your…

a centipede

Centipedes are often regarded as dangerous creatures in Dallas. However, there's only one type of centipede in the area that could cause you harm: the Texas red-headed centipede has a potent venom… Read More

A Helpful Beetle Prevention Handbook For Dallas…

black carpet beetle crawling on the floor

Although beetles are mostly a nuisance pest, they can create problems for Dallas homeowners. There are a few different types of beetles you can expect to find in your home, so you need to take action… Read More

How Dangerous Are Fort Worth's Fire Ants?

fire ants crawling on landscape

If you've spent any time outside in Fort Worth, you've probably experienced a fire ant sting. The ants are everywhere, and they make their presence known with a painful sting. While you might be aware… Read More

Why You Should Call The Professionals About Rodents In…

house mouse inside a home

Rodents are mammals that often-become unwelcome guests for many homeowners in the San Antonio area. Rodents pose a potential health risk to your loved ones and also can create expensive property… Read More

What You Need To Know About The Fleas & Ticks Around…

deer tick in yard

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that illnesses associated with flea, tick, and mosquito bites continue to rise across the United States. The climate in northern Texas… Read More

Four Easy Tips To Keep Silverfish Out Of Your Dallas…

silverfish on cardboard box

Silverfish are insects of the Lepisma saccharina species that grow to be ¾ of an inch long and have a shimmery appearance.  They are wingless, have six legs, and their bodies are generally brown… Read More

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