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What You Need To Know To Keep Cigarette Beetles Out Of Your…

cigarette beetle on leaf

Cigarette beetles invading the pantry of your Houston home? Snack in peace once again by learning these prevention tips from Romney Pest Control! Read More

Houston Property Owners' Ultimate Wasp Prevention Guide

yellow jacket crawling on a wooden table

Don’t let wasps spoil your outdoor fun! Learn how to prevent wasps from invading your Houston property in our latest blog. Read More

Getting Your Houston Property Ready For Mosquito Season

mosquito biting skin dangerous pest

Summer, winter, spring, or autumn, it’s never too early to prepare yourself for an influx of bloodthirsty buzzers. Learn some tips for protecting your property from mosquito season with the help of… Read More

Why Are There Camel Crickets In My San Antonio Home?

camel cricket

Sporting high stealth and even higher noise-making capabilities, camel crickets are perhaps the most obnoxious in the San Antonio area. If you start hearing their trill echo through the halls of your… Read More

What Everyone In San Antonio Ought To Know About American…

house spider on a wall

America’s common house spider may not be considered dangerous to humans, but uncovering their infestations will always mean problems on your end. Luckily, Romney Pest Control just knows just what… Read More

What Houston Property Owners Need To Know About Paper Wasps

a paper wasp building a nest

Paper wasps are not the most dangerous pest here in Houston, nor are they the most aggressive, but they are extremely common. Known for nesting around properties in our area, these stinging insects… Read More


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