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Houston's Complete Guide To Effective Earwig Control

an earwig on a tile

Earwigs, or Euborellia annulipes (Lucas) as they’re formally known, are common bugs in Houston, Texas. They look scary with pincers on the back of their bodies but are generally just nuisances.   Read More

The Secret To Effective Centipede & Millipede Control For…

a crawling millipede

Centipedes and Millipedes are not insects. They are more closely related to lobsters and shrimp than to insects and don’t spread diseases to plants, animals, or humans.  Read More

The Problems That Come with Cockroaches in Your Houston Home

a german cockroach in a bathroom

Cockroaches are a pest no Houston homeowner wants to deal with. They are disgusting creatures who pose serious health risks to those inside your home. The thought of cockroaches scurrying in the dark… Read More

Why DIY Mosquito Control Fails for San Antonio Property…

a mosquito biting in to skin

You don’t feel it, but a tiny razor-sharp proboscis from a mosquito has been inserted underneath your skin. This 6-needled proboscis plunges towards your blood vessel like a syringe. Meanwhile, a… Read More

The Best Way To Protect Your San Antonio Business From…

commercial pest control in a  kitchen

Owning and operating any kind of business can be hard work. Every business has its unique challenges and unfortunately, one of those challenges is keeping pests away.  Read More

Ticks & Dangerous Disease: What Everyone In San Antonio…

a deer tick on a leaf

The Blacklegged tick, also known as the deer tick, is a well-known biting arachnid that gets its name from its long black limbs and tendency to make its home on the skin of white-tailed deer. These… Read More


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