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Houston's Step-By-Step Carpet Beetle Prevention Guide

carpet beetle on carpet

Fabric pests, however, usually aren’t a hot topic. But they should be. Carpet beetles, for instance, can be quite detrimental to have around. Since most people don’t know much about them, they… Read More

How Dangerous Are Fleas In My Houston Home?

flea on dog

Fleas bite humans and domestic animals. Given that they multiply so fast, you could have a problem in the blink of an eye. Learn what you’re facing with these bugs and how Romney Pest Control can… Read More

Four Easy Tricks To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Houston…

mosquito biting hand

Mosquitoes are called the most dangerous bugs on the planet because they can transmit awful, debilitating, and sometimes deadly diseases. You run the risk of getting sick every time one of these… Read More

How Much Do You Know About Oriental Cockroaches In San…

cockroach up close

All cockroaches aren’t one and the same; there are important distinctions between each species that will influence how you can combat them. Learn more about the Oriental cockroach, and how Romney… Read More

Pests To Check For Before Decking Your San Antonio Halls

mouse outside

While you’re unloading boxes of decorations and untangling lights for the season, you may see a critter or two. If an insect or creature doesn’t directly jump out, you may find their feces or bite… Read More

Why Do I Have Scorpions In My San Antonio Home?

scorpion on sand

If you take the time to read about how local scorpions function, you could find the answers to why they end up in your home. Once you get an understanding of these creepy crawlers, you’ll know how… Read More


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