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One Of Houston's Tiniest Pests Can Be Incredibly Dangerous

blood-filled mosquito biting a houston tx resident

Mosquitoes are tiny insects with long thin legs and transparent wings. Most mosquitoes are less than half an inch in length and distinguished from other true flies by their long mouthparts, called a… Read More

Keeping Fleas From Frustrating San Antonio's Furry Friends

flea in white dog fur in san antonio

Fleas are tiny parasitic pests that depend on the blood of a host to survive. While these small insects do bite humans, fleas can't live on us. Instead, they prefer animals with thick fur in which to… Read More

It's Always Ant Season In San Antonio

fire ants on the floor of a san antonio kitchen

Here in San Antonio, our warm year-round temperatures allow many pests to remain active when they would usually become dormant in other places across the country. Ants are one of the pest species that… Read More

What Dallas/Fort Worth Homeowners Should Do To Avoid…

american cockroach crawling in a garbage can in dallas

There are four common home-invading cockroaches here in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas—German cockroaches, American cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches, and brown-banded cockroaches. These filthy… Read More

How Did This Rat Get In My Dallas/Fort Worth Home?

light brown rat next to the leg of a couch in fort worth tx

Rats are one of the most threatening property invading pests in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. These clever rodents always seem to find a way into unprotected homes, no matter what time of the year… Read More

Houston Homeowners Guide To Avoiding Earwigs

an earwig crawling on produce in a home in houston texas

The best way to identify earwigs is by the large pincers that protrude from the back of their abdomens. Earwigs are commonly known for the myth that they will crawl into your ears while you’re… Read More


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