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Why Is It So Hard To Keep Silverfish Out Of My Houston Home?

a silverfish on tan paper

It’s possible that silverfish were on the earth even before dinosaurs. Having survived centuries of harsh conditions and natural disasters, the insects may seem too hard to eliminate Read More

Are Jumping Spiders In San Antonio Dangerous?

a jumping spider outside on a leaf

If you live in San Antonio, you are likely to come across several types of spiders. Under most circumstances, jumping spiders will flee when approached by a human. However, there is a small risk of a… Read More

Cigarette Beetle 101: What Every San Antonio Property Owner…

a cigarette beetle on top of a leaf

You might not know what a cigarette beetle is, but you’ve probably seen one. In San Antonio, the beetle is a common sight on residential and commercial properties. Read More

It Is Time To Make Sure Pets In Dallas Are Protected From…

a flea on white pet hair

As a pet owner, you probably do everything you can to protect your animals from harm's way. But some owners overlook the importance of flea prevention. Read More

Is Seeing One Cockroach In My Fort Worth Home Something To…

a german cockroach on glass

People usually have one of two reactions to seeing a cockroach. They either feel the need to burn down the house or think that one sighting doesn’t mean anything. Unfortunately, neither approach is… Read More

What Every Houston Resident Ought To Know About Centipedes

a centipede crawling on a kicthen wall

Although centipedes may initially appear similar to millipedes, there are some important differences between millipedes and centipedes that all Houston residents should be familiar with. Read More


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