view of the front of a home in dallas texas

What Are These Silver Pests In My Houston Home?

a silverfish crawling inside of a home in houston texas

When silverfish infest your property, they feed on just about everything that contains starches. Books, clothing, fabric, photos, paper, glue, and wallpaper are just a few of the items silverfish are… Read More

Are Millipedes In San Antonio Dangerous?

a millipede in a home in san antonio texas

The most recognizable aspect of millipedes is their many legs. The name “millipede” comes from the Latin word for “thousand feet” but there are no currently known species of millipede that… Read More

Termite Damage In San Antonio Is Preventable

wood with termite damage inside of a home in san antonio texas

Termites are a major problem across the United States but are even more of a problem here in San Antonio. Our warm average yearly temperatures allow termites to remain active year-round, no matter… Read More

Problems Ticks Cause In Dallas/Fort Worth

a tick on a persons skin in fort worth texas

Ticks cause many problems in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They infest pets, which puts them at risk of disease. They burrow into our skin to get a blood meal, leaving behind the potential of… Read More

Crickets Driving Dallas/Fort Worth Residents Mad

several crickets on a plant outside of a home in dallas texas

When outside in their natural environment, crickets chirping can be a soothing evening sound, but inside your home, they are an irritating racket that keeps you up at night. Crickets are relatively… Read More

3 Things Every Houston Homeowner Should Know About Wasps

paper wasp on a nest in houston tx

We all know that wasps can deliver painful stings and that it is a bad idea to allow nests to grow in our yards, but this knowledge isn't enough to prevent nests from forming. Consider these three… Read More


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