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Why Mouse Traps Just Aren't Working In Your Houston Home

a mouse rodent infesttaion in a kitchen

Given that mice are considered to be the most common-home invading pests, you’ve probably come across them, at some point, in your Houston home. And your first instinct was likely to set out traps.… Read More

Six Easy & Effective Tick Control Tips For Houston Property…

a deer tick looking to jump on its host

Have you ever been outside of your Houston home only to come in and discover a tick has latched onto your skin? If so, you know how unnerving this can be. But tick bites are far more than just… Read More

All About Houston's Little-Known Cigarette Beetle

a cigarette beetle crawling on a leaf

Have you ever seen a beetle in your home but not worried about it because, after all, it’s just a beetle? Well, if it’s a cigarette beetle, there might be cause for worry. These “pantry pests”… Read More

How Dangerous Are San Antonio's Wolf Spiders?

a wolf spider in a home

Some of the most common pests that a San Antonio homeowner might see around the house are spiders. One such spider, native to the San Antonio area, is the wolf spider. Given that these spiders are… Read More

San Antonio's Complete Guide To Carpenter Ant Control

a carpenter ant crawling along a foundation

You should do everything in your power to prevent carpenter ants from ever gaining access to your home in the first place. If you are able to identify carpenter ants, spot the signs that they are in… Read More

Just How Dangerous Are The Earwigs Around My San Antonio…

an earwig on a leaf in a house plant

Have you ever heard the stories about earwigs crawling into peoples’ ears and then laying eggs in their brains? Well, those stories are just stories. However, just because they may not make their… Read More


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