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The Secret To Keeping Wasps Out Of Your Houston Yard

Flying insects and creatures tend to alarm people. Sometimes, it’s because they can appear suddenly and have unpredictable movements. In other instances, it’s because they can cause harm. Birds… Read More

Three Ways You Unknowingly Attract Houston Mosquitoes

Did you know that medical and insect professionals deem mosquitoes the most dangerous specimens on earth? These bugs do more than just annoy people with their persistent buzzing. Ruined outdoor… Read More

Does One Mouse In My San Antonio House Mean An Infestation?

amouse chewing a whole through burlap

No one wants pests around. Bugs are gross and worrisome enough, but animals that aren’t bugs bring a whole different level of concern. Rodents are larger than insects and usually have sharp teeth… Read More

Who Else In San Antonio Wants To Keep Spiders Out Of Their Home?

an american house spider crawling in the sun

If there was a “top ten” list of pests that frighten people, spiders would probably be in the lead. They move about so quietly, and they startle you when you spot them. Spiders are creepy looking… Read More

How Much Do You Really Know About Carpet Beetles In Dallas?

a carpet beetle crawlin on fabric

When it comes to pest control, ants, spiders, roaches, and rodents are often mentioned first. These critters can destroy property and make you sick with the diseases they carry. Termites and carpenter… Read More

What Dallas Property Owners Ought To Know About Dangerous Ants

fire ants eating their prey

Ants are often thought to be small, insignificant pests that annoy people. The only accurate part of this notion is that they’re tiny. Ants are capable of much more than being an irritation. These… Read More

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