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What are centipedes?

Centipedes are arthropods that have elongated, flattened bodies and numerous legs. They also have long, sensitive antennae. Centipedes have one pair of legs per body segment. The first pairs of limbs are called maxillipeds- these specialized limbs end in sharp claws and contain glands full of venom. Centipedes are carnivores and use their maxillipeds to catch and paralyze their prey.

The most common type of centipede is the house centipede. They are yellowish-gray to dark brown in color.  Depending on their exact species they may have dark stripes or other markings on their body.

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Are centipedes dangerous?

Centipedes are not thought of as dangerous pests, but precautions should be taken around them. Centipedes have the potential to bite through the skin of people, the bite is quite painful, but their venom is not strong enough to cause serious health problems. Due to their painful bites, purposely handling centipedes is never recommended. 

Why do I have a centipede problem?

Centipedes typically nest outside in areas that are very close to the outside of homes and often find their way inside through small openings in the foundation. Centipedes intentionally move inside if the weather outside becomes too hot or dry for them to live comfortably. 

Where will I find centipedes?

Centipedes are found nesting outside in dark, damp environments. Outside, they nest underneath mulch, stones, landscaping ties, logs, fallen trees, leaf litter, and other vegetation. If centipedes make their way inside of a home or other buildings, they hide out in dark cool areas like the basement, crawl spaces, and underneath sinks.  

How do I get rid of centipedes?

To get rid of centipedes from your property or structure, partner with the Texas pest control experts at Romney Pest Control. Our experienced professionals provide reliable and comprehensive pest control services that eliminate centipedes as well as the routine services needed to prevent their return. If you are looking for high quality pest control services in Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, Houston or elsewhere in our Romney's service area, please reach out today! 

How can I prevent centipedes in the future?

Keep centipedes out of your home with the help of the following centipede prevention tips:

  • Repair cracks, crevices, and gaps found in the foundation of your home

  • Create a barrier between your home and any mulch, soil or grass

  • Place door sweeps on exterior doors, especially walk-out basement doors

  • Remove piles of leaves, grass, sticks, fallen trees or tree limbs, and other organic debris from your property that they can hide in

  • Keep garbage cans, compost bins, and woodpiles up off of the ground

  • Place dehumidifiers in basements areas 

  • Make sure that crawl spaces are properly ventilated 

  • Fix leaky pipes and fixtures


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