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Common types of roaches in Texas

Cockroaches are scavenging insects that are closely associated with people, taking advantage of the food, water, and shelter sources we unintentionally provide them. Cockroaches are prolific breeders and can become a huge problem inside of homes and businesses. Here in Texas, we deal with several types of cockroaches, including those listed below.

German Cockroaches

german cockroach crawling on plant

The German cockroach is one of the most common structure infesting roaches in Dallas and throughout Texas as well as the entire U.S.

These roaches have dark brown bodies with two identifying black stripes running horizontally down behind their heads. Their wings are fully developed but they are not capable of flying.

German roaches prefer to live indoors and often become a big problem in homes and businesses, especially restaurants.

American Cockroaches

american cockroach in garage

American cockroaches are the largest household infesting roach living in the United States, adults can grow up to 1 ½ inch in length.

American roaches have a unique yellowish colored figure-8 pattern behind their heads and their bodies are mahogany. They have fully developed wings and are strong fliers.

These roaches prefer to live outside and are often found in gardens or on trees.

Smoky Brown Cockroaches

close up of a smoky brown cockroach

Smoky brown roaches are closely related to American roaches and look similar in appearance. Their bodies are shiny, dark mahogany and their wings extend past the tip of their abdomens. These roaches can fly short distances.

Smoky brown cockroaches can be found in trees, along rooflines, under shingles, and in gutters. They're attracted to outdoor lighting, mulch, and other damp areas as well as trash and pet food left outside.

Oriental Cockroaches

oriental cockroach on ground

Oriental cockroaches are often referred to as “water bugs” even though they are not aquatic. These roaches have dark, smooth bodies and wings. Males of this species have narrower bodies and wings than females that are stouter. These cockroaches cannot fly.

Oriental roaches prefer dark, damp environments. In fact, they are known to travel through sewers. They are often found in outdoor plants and may enter structures through pipes and drains.

Brown Banded Cockroaches

brown banded cockroach in egg carton

Brown-banded roaches get their name from the two lighter bands that they have across their dark brownish bodies. Adults grow to about ½ an inch long.

Males have fully developed wings and can fly. Females are not capable of flight with their underdeveloped wings.

Brown-banded roaches prefer to live in warm, dry locations where the temperature exceeds 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Are cockroaches dangerous?

Cockroaches are a dangerous pest that should be exterminated at the first sign of an infestation. Roaches carry a large number of bacteria, parasites, and human pathogens on their body and legs. Dysentery, salmonellosis, gastroenteritis, and E. coli can all be spread by cockroaches.

Their feces, saliva, and shed skins create allergies and can trigger asthma attacks, especially in children.

What's more, a cockroach infestation may cause significant stress for property owners, tenants, customers, and employees.  

Why do I have a cockroach problem?

If your home or business provides food, shelter, and water for these pests then you could develop a roach infestation. Trash cans, compost bins, pet food, and gardens are just a few of the elements that attract these pests. Outdoor eating areas, dumpsters, and drains are highly attractive to roaches in commercial settings. 

Potential entry points can be cracks in foundations, gaps under doors and around windows, and other openings. They may also arrive in packages, potted plants, used furniture, and other items introduced from an outside source. 

Where will I find roaches?

Cockroaches live, nest, and breed both indoors and out. Depending on the type of roach, you may find them in:

  • Trees
  • Dumpsters
  • Sewers
  • Mulch
  • Gardens

Inside they are often discovered behind appliances and under cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms. They also infest pantries and laundry rooms.

How do I get rid of cockroaches?

To get rid of cockroaches in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, or elsewhere in our extensive Texas service area, Romney Pest Control is the ideal solution. Providing effective residential pest control and commercial pest services that target roaches and other common insects and rodents, our team has the tools, knowledge, and experience to help you resolve your pest problem, no matter how severe. Contact Romney for cockroach control today!

How can I prevent cockroaches from infesting my property?

The Texas pest control specialists at Romney, recommend the following cockroach prevention tips:

  • Seal gaps or cracks in the foundation and exterior walls of your home.

  • Make sure that weather stripping is placed around all exterior windows and doors.

  • Place door sweeps on exterior doors.

  • Replace torn window or door screens.

  • Fix leaky pipes, fixtures, and faucets.

  • Use dehumidifiers to reduce moisture levels in your home.

  • Make sure outdoor trash cans and compost bins have locking lids and are stored away from the outside of your home.

  • Check potted plants before bringing them inside from the outside.


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